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The sun has sunk and the miraculous beauty of the moon is about to get showcased. Roads are full of vehicles and streets are crowed with people rushing to return to their homes after work; with tired minds, hungry stomachs and only one thought in their psyche: reach home as soon as possible. Yes, it is the dusk I am talking about! Popularized as the rims of tiredness, period of frustration and the busiest time of the day, Dusk is commonly known as ‘Office time’ is our country.

The Modern Era of Web Designing

I had made some wireframe ultra fast,leak proof websites.

All the links open in new tab and the android apps are completely free.

Nepali Tube


CMRIT Notify


Patriotic Nepal (Font)


Download RabinsXP Android Apps.

We have seen the rise of mobile apps and increasing days by day. With the increase in the number of smartpone users, many software companies are focusing on mobile application development. So, I also tried creating few android apps you may like to see.

Nepali Tube

  • nepali tube android app
  • Nepali Tube is an Android application for watching latest Nepali Movies, Videos, Music, Songs, Comedy, Pranks, and anything that is Nepali. This app was developed by Rabins Sharma Lamichhane (RabinsXP). Nepali Tube automatically shows the new videos in the first screen. You can select the channel lists from the menu. All the videos, channels or the contents are of best quality. So you need not worry about the quality of the contents.

CMRIT Notify

  • CMRIT Notify Android Application
  • CMRIT Notification is a notification tool from CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore. With this application installed in his/her mobile, a student can get each and everything happening around CMRIT. CMRIT Notify can be personalized, create a profile, upload a cover picture, background image and also a student can add his bio. The total numbers of comments made and hearts given is automatically shown on the profile page.

Patriotic Nepal (Font)

  • Patriotic Nepal Font
  • Design Your Own Patriotic Nepal Art
    Text on Image

    Font Size

    Position X

    Position Y

    Select Font Color

    Click here to learn more about it.

The sun has sunk and the miraculous beauty of the moon is about to get showcased..

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