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Ncell Logo, Here for Nepal
Ncell, Here for Nepal, provides Personal Ring Back Tone (PRBT) to their
sim cards users.
How to activate PRBT service in Ncell?
To activate PRBT service, send A to 9209. To buy the tone, send
BUY<space>PRBT Code to 9209.
It's so easy to activate and use PRBT service provided by the Ncell.

Below are some of the Nepali PRBT codes along with their singers/movie

Code: 6039578 - Song Title: Timro Lagi by Abhaya and the steam injuns.
Code: 6039579 - Song Title: Chhayechha Basanta by Shreya Ghosal.
Code: 6039580 - Song Title : Achel Bhari Manma from Na Birse Timilai Na
Paye Timilai.

Now some Hindi PRBT codes for Ncell users.

Code: 6039596 - Song Title: Aao Milo Chalen from Jab We Meet.
Code: 6039597 - Song Title - Hum Tum from the movie Hum Tum.
Code: 6039599 - Song Title: Pyar Kiya To Nibhana from Major Saab.

(Updated : Feb 16, 2012 and  May 14, 2014)

Note: PRBT service charge Rs.10/month. Normal rates will be charged for
the tones upon auto-renewal after 30 days. All prices exclusive of
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