Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Latest Top Ten Nepali Songs, Nepali Songs for April, 17, 2012

As usual today also I am here with you presenting the latest top ten
Nepali songs for April. These top ten Nepali songs I am going to share
are as of 17, April, 2012. Check the list below and compare with the top
10 songs of last time. Now here are the ten Nepalese songs selected as
top songs as of Tuesday, 17 April
of 2012.
1. Timro Haa by Samai Shashi Rawal,
2. Uni Ramri by Shiva Pariyar,
3. Najik Chhaina by Shreya Sotang,
4. Baisa Jasto Badal by Durga Kharel,
5. RangaunKi Ma by Nima Rumba,
6. Jani Jani by Deepak Bajracharya,
7. Aafnao Chhaina Afnai Man by Rajesh Payal Rai,
8. Dubayo Papi Mayale by Promod Kharel,
9. Timi Bina by 1974 A.D;
10. Ho Ni Ho by Avinash Ghising.
Thanks for viewing the top ten popular Nepali songs list for April 17
2012. More Nepali music updates are still avilable on so
enjoy here!


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