Today I just want to share you price list of Tablet PC avilable in the
markets of Nepal. Are you going to buy a tablet PC? If yes! I am going
to list you the latest price of latest Touch Screen Tablet PC avilable
in the Nepali markets.
1. Rs. 12,000 - T700 (Simmtronics),
2. Rs. 16,000 - T701 (Simmtronics),
3. Rs. 24,000 - GT70 (Xplore Tablet PC),
4. Rs. 6,000 - Ubislate 7+ (Data Wind),
5. Rs. 6,200 - Si7 (Super Pads),
6. Rs.18,000 - IT -M809RC (AvatarTablet PC)
7. Rs. 12,000 - Novo Platinium,
8. Rs. 18,000 - Novo Tablet
9. Rs.9,999 - Global Tablet Touch Screen PC,
All the tablets listed aboved are built on Android OS.
With this note I want to share some good news with you our technology
website is comming soon where you could get more detail information
about iPads, iPods, TVs, Touch Screen Tablet PC, Computers, Laptops and
many gadgets avilable in the markets.

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