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Tihar festival tika time

Tihar Tika Time (Bhai Tika Sahit)

The 2076 Bhai Tika sahit starts from 11:55 morning of 29 October 2019 or 12 Kartik. The whole day is considered auspicious this Tihar. Bhai Tika is one of the five days of the...

Dashain Festival Nepal

What is Dashain festival & how it is celebrated?

Table of ContentsThe Dashain Word & MeaningDashain Festival CelebrationsDay 1: Ghatasthapana (The Kalash Day)KalashDay 2: Dwitiya (The Jamara Day)Day 3: Tritya (The Kot Bhavani Day)Day 4: Chathurti/Chauthi  (The Fourth day)Day 5: Panchami (The Fifth...

web host nepal hostingsewa top hosting

HostingSewa becomes the #1 web host in Nepal

HostingSewa provides support for Python, Node.js, Python, Angular Js, MERN stack, Django, Laravel, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc. It’s a heaven for programmers in Nepal and also the prices are affordable for regular students. Special discounts are also available from time to time.


IOT is Emerging

The development of the new era isn’t one-way and one-sided, but a helpful practice. Furthermore, the emergence of enterprise IoT bred service companies including Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP; together with its development, has made...


Startups in Nepal ft. Order Food Online

Mari-o and Man-du! Foodmario is a female* food and Foodmandu is a male food. Mama Mia! I’m a joking. Haha! Hamle pani JokeMario! Which one are you Technocrats or a Social Media Guy? Open mapping data...


Top 5 Free Antivirus for MacBook Pro (2019)

Table of ContentsTop 5 Popular MacBook Pro Free Antivirus Softwares in NepalThe Tori jasto TrojansAntivirus Selection for MacBookMalicious sitesEh Amma File Corrupt bhayo!5 Free Popular Antivirus for MacBook Pro in Nepal Top 5 Popular MacBook...


RabinsXP Magic Keywords for Nepalese/English Blogs

RabinsXP Magic Keywords for Nepali Website for Maximizing Website Revenue. Table of ContentsGetting Started with Adsense High Paying KeywordsKeyword Research Adwords Keyword ToolAffiliate Advertising IdeasAds ObservationSo how can I earn as much as possible? Getting...