Daily Archive: June 11, 2017

Asian Premier League T20 Press Release

Asian Premier League (APL) T20 2017

The Ultimate Sports Management (USM) is going to organize Asian Premier League (APL) T20 at TU Cricket Ground, Kathmandu, Nepal from 19th June to 04th July 2017. In this League 6 franchise Teams will...


Java Method Overriding: Program Implementation

Write a JAVA program to implement Method Overriding for following inheritance : (Assume suitable data ) Abstract Class : Shape dim1, dim2, disp( ) abstract area ( ) Class: Rectangle getd( ), area (...

Java Multi-Level Inheritance: Program Implementation

Java Multi-Level Inheritance: Program Implementation

Write a program to implement the following Multi-Level Inheritance: Class: Account Cust_name , acc_no Class: Saving_Acc Min_bal, saving_bal Class:Acct_Details Deposits, withdrawals import java.lang.*; import java.io.*; class Account { String cust_name; int acc_no; Account(String a,...