What is Code Sanjal?

Code Sanjal means the network of the code or coder. The word ‘Sanjal’ means Network in Nepali and Sanskrit language. So combining these two words of ‘code’ & ‘sanjal’ the concept of Code Sanjal came into the picture. Code Sanjal abbreviated as CS is a place to learn to code or write in any programming language. Code Sanjal provides the solutions with the sample computer programs. Also, CS is the network of the coders.

Why Code Sanjal?

Due to the limited resources of computer and internet tools, most of the Nepalese students who are interested in programming or coding are unable to shape themselves into the latest programming environment. The Code Sanjal provides resources, solutions to the problems they are facing.


What is the aim of Code Sanjal?

The aim of Code Sanjal is to encourage the local students to study their locality/society and come up with the solution to solve problems. Then turn that solution (algorithm) into the code and finally into a real working application.


The aim of Code Sanjal is to produce more coders and to make them able to solve their local problems by the means of computer applications. Code Sanjal believes that technology has a great impact on how we live our day to day life. So, here at Code Sanjal we try to make world better place to live by solving both minor and major problems in the society.

Code Sanjal is open source network for everyone who likes to work with us.

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