Advantages and Uses of the Microswitch

How many of you know that the original name of Microswitch is miniature snap-switch? This microswitch requires very little force to function. These microswitches are mostly preferred where the instant changes are required. The sensitive devices are used in elevators, microwave ovens, fire suppression systems, machinery, industrial equipment controls, and many more. Microswitches are used in electrical control systems as well. These are mainly used to turn on or turn off the devices as per the requirement.

Origin of Microswitch

It is a very well-known fact that microswitches are invented long back, and their usage has been around for ages. The first model of microswitch was invented in the year 1932 in Illinois. Since then, many technological advancements and necessary changes have been made in the microswitches. These microswitches are designed as per the requirement. These microswitches are of variable sizes like a small micro switch, mini microswitches, etc. They are extensively used in electronic and electrical appliances. Microswitches are used for industrial applications as well. They are also used in door locks to turn on or turn off and in vehicles as self-start switches.

How these microswitches work

Microswitches work on the tipping point mechanism. They consist of an open and closed circuit system to perform quick actions. It requires minimum force or pressure to change its states from off to on or on to off. This entirely depends on the way it is constructed and installed.

A spring system is installed in the microswitch for the movement of the actuator. A pushbutton or a lever can also be used instead of a spring. With this spring’s pressure, a force is applied to the actuator, which gives an instantaneous snap action inside the switch.

This snap action sound can be heard as a click. The external force required is dependent on the component design.

Microswitch uses

These are mainly used in industrial areas. They are also used in our regular home appliances, cars, electronic and electrical appliances, etc.

  • These are used in printers to detect paper jams.

  • Used in vending machines for two purposes. As a jam detector and a sensor to sense coins when entered.

  • Used in elevators as a safety apparatus.

  • Used as door interlocks in microwave ovens.

  • Used to detect the open-close position of valves.

  • Used in lamps, solenoids, small-size motors, etc. as control circuits.

  • Used as limit switches

  • Used as control switches, and also to create time mechanisms with the combinations of various other devices.

Advantages of Microswitch

When compared to other switches, microswitches are more reliable. They function very accurately. Microswitches can be repeatedly used as they have the lowest chance of failure. They provide various switching positions better than many other switches available in the market. This feature makes microswitches to be used in safety-related products. These are durable and inexpensive. Microswitches are cost-effective, so these are cheap and best. Many microswitches are of high quality. Microswitches are extensively available in the market.

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