Benefits of Using a Personal Firewall

Do you really think your computer is completely protected by the best antivirus program alone? Think again. Not all computer threats are viral in nature. In fact, computer viruses are just a fraction–though a big fraction–of the many forms of computer security threats these days.

It is important that you protect your system with the best antivirus firewall software, not just an antivirus program alone. The firewall component is as important as the antivirus component, since many other types of malware also pass through various vulnerable ports and openings on your computer.

Despite your efforts to update your antivirus programs and scan the entire computer daily, it is without doubt considered lacking when it comes to securing the safety of your computer and other important information that it contains. Many have already been victimized by hackers without knowing what went wrong. Despite people’s awareness of the benefits of an antivirus program, there are still some who are victims of identity theft.

Some people might think that an antivirus is enough to avoid malicious software and computer threats. But, they are actually wrong. An antivirus program alone can’t protect your computer user from cybercrime. You also need firewall protection, which is an important computer application that protects computers from hackers and is specifically only for end users. With firewall protection, the computer is expected to be safe from intrusion from outsiders so that the entire user’s personal data is unscathed.

Aside form checking the network traffic of the computer, a personal firewall has also many other benefits. For example, your computer will have total control of what comes in and out of the computer. The firewall will show necessary data regarding a certain program and/or server that is trying to connect with your computer. It will warn you of any attempt made by a certain application trying to access the Net or the local network.

Your personal firewall filters and scans possible malicious software and warns the user if there is any malicious outside program trying to access your computer. It will immediately act after detecting suspicious behavior, such as tampering the user’s computer. The personal firewall also hides the computer from automated port scans by blocking unauthorized network traffic.

So, it is best to not just rely on antivirus and frequent scans of your computer. As a computer user, you are responsible over knowing what the latest technology is when it comes to computer protection and safety. These days, the most secure way to go is to use the best antivirus firewall software that fits your security needs.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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