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The widespread penetration of the Internet has caused routers to be present and seen almost everywhere. Though differing in their fine points, overall they have the same features. Reading the router’s manual is the only correct way to know the exact features of your router but there are some points that are common to all routers.

You want to set up the router IP addresses as instructed in the router manual. Generally, you’ll need to use one out of the range of reserved IP addresses. The most common IP address for home routers is:

Typically, a home network router has two IP addresses:

• for internal home (known as LAN)

• for the external Internet (known as WAN) connection.

Now the point is how can you find the router IP addresses? Most commonly, the LAN IP or the internal IP is set to a default value. The lists of the internal IP addresses used by the most popular router companies are:

• Linksys routers use

• Netgear and D-Linkrouters typically use

• Some of the routers of the US Robotics use

• Some SMC ones use

Whatever is the brand of the router, the documentation should mention clearly its default internal IP address. This can, however, be changed by the administrators during router setup. The private LAN address does however remain fixed once it has been set to a certain value. This value can easily be viewed from the router’s administrative set up console.

The WAN address or the external IP of the router is set while connecting to the Internet service provider. This address can also be viewed from the administrative console. This IP can even be seen by visiting the web based IP address look up service on the home LAN.

For some home broadband routers or modems, the IP address is a default. Some of these companies which have the IP address as the default one are:

• Billion ADSL routers

• some 3Com OfficeConnect routers

• Linksys SRW2024 managed switches

• Netopia / Cayman Internet gateways

• Westell modems for Bellsouth DSL Internet service in the U.S.

This address is set by the manufacturer at the factory, but you can change it at any time using the vendor’s management software.

This is a private network address of IPv4 range and any device on the local network can be set up to use it. Also, like any IP address, only a single device on that network should use this address at any given time in order to avoid address conflicts. marks the beginning of the default dynamic IP range for the Linksys home network routers. Thus for the first device you connect to a Linksys router, the DHCP will usually assign the IP address The DHCP range of the router can be changed through the configuration utility it offers to either use or not to use this particular IP (i.e. It is a private IP address and if it’s also a part of the DHCP router’s address range, this should not be assigned statically to a local device in order to avoid conflicts.

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