Dish Network Superdish – What You Want to Know

The Dish Network superdish is a satellite dish that receives signals from satellites dedicated to Dish Network programming. This dish is an improvement on the other satellite dish versions such as the Dish 500. The main feature of this dish is that it can receive signals from satellites placed at three different points. This has made TV viewing easier for customers, as the signals are clearer.

How The Satellite Dish Works

When the three satellites are close to each other, the signals they transmit to the dish are weak. So, the satellite dish needs to be bigger to catch these signals. However, because the satellites are in orbits close to each other, the dish can receive and process signals from multiple satellites. This is why the Dish Network superdish can capture signals from three satellites. Instead of setting up a separate dish system for capturing signals from different satellites, the same dish can catch all the signals.

Size And Installation

The Dish Network superdish is large, with a diameter of over 35 inches. This piece of equipment captures signals from three satellites, and sends them to the receivers to amplify. Along with the dish, you are also provided with a mast and a mount for setting up the equipment. Remember that the dish will need more space on your rooftop or yard. The mount will also be larger than usual.

Types Of Superdish

The Dish Network superdish has two versions: the 105 and the 121. The 105 Superdish receives signals from satellites orbiting at latitudes 105, 110 and 119 in the Western direction. The 121 is fed signals by the 110, 119 and 121-degree West satellites.

Why The Supedish?

A Dish Network superdish will give you access to a range of channels of your choice. These include movie channels, music and sports, family viewing, kids, and certain other niche programming related to particular hobbies and interests.

The Dish Network programming also allows you to participate in live programs via interactive TV. A superdish gives you access to all these programs. You can also opt for features such a live broadcast freeze. In addition, if you want, you can opt from a bouquet of pay per view channels, each covering special broadcasts, blockbuster movies and live coverage of music shows.

As far as equipment goes, you get Dish Network superdish, receivers, and remotes free when you subscribe to DishTV. You pay no installation charges, and the equipment comes with a lifetime guarantee. However, when ordering the equipment, make sure that you go to an authorize dealer. This will save you from the trouble of dealing with malfunctioning or damaged equipment.

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