How to Recover From Invalid B-Tree Node Size Mac OS X Error

A Mac OS X-based hard disk is divided into two partitions, each of different characteristics. There are four basic things contained in each of the partitions, they are files, file threads, directories and directory threads. Catalog files are used by the Mac OS to define these basic record files. Each Catalog file is placed in the B-tree formation. Therefore, if you want to locate a file the system will search the entire B-tree formation.

There are however, cases wherein the tree structure or the nodes undergo some issues that require formatting the volume. Formatting the entire structure means the loss of data viz. files, directories and others, this calls for making a back up before reformatting. However, if a user doesn’t make any back up and wants to recover data lost as a result of a B-tree structure failure, then Mac recovery solutions would come in handy.

Usually users will come across an error with Mac volumes that says “invalid B-tree node size”. This error is observed under hierarchical file system based volumes. You come across this B-tree node size error while verifying the integrity of the files and directories using Disk utility. These kinds of errors are encountered if the node size of the B-tree is not correct. Invalid node sizes of the B-tree is one of the major problems that one faces in a Mac OS but there are obvious ways to fix invalid b-tree node size error by using an efficient third party Mac data recovery software.

To resolve the issue of B-tree node size problems, one can find solutions that include:

  • Disk utility is not an efficient utility program because it is unable to get rid of the error. One can run fsck. It should be used in a single mode.
  • There are third party disk repair applications, i.e. REMO Mac Recover. These are data recovery and repair solutions that eventually repair the invalid b-tree node size mac os x error.
  • One of the other ways is to make a back up of all the other pieces of data from your Mac and perform a reinstallation and then you can run Mac data recovery solution for efficient B-tree node repairing.

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