Lifestyle Changes With the LPG Changeover Valve

The most common type of gas in homes today is LPG and one therefore needs to know all there is to know about the gas. Before going for the LPG changeover valve you should know that this gas is actually a liquid under pressure stored in gas bottles. A home should have at least two bottles of the gas so that there is no fire threat and there is enough gas for use. Tubings known as pigtails are what are used to connect the gas in your home.

Where do I get mine?

So where does one get to buy their gas changeover valve? Well you can buy them from any authorized supplier. Most of them have a male and female outlet ball valve. They are covered in plastic and there is an emergency instruction plaque just in case things do not go as planned. The changeovers should be approved and should come in a seal. This should not cost you more than forty dollars. You can also get the adapters just to ensure that everything fits perfectly without any hiccups.

Operating the changeover

There are those gas bottles that have an LPG changeover valve that can be switched. This simply means that one can automatically switch to another gas bottle when the other is empty. There are different types of valves that are automatic and all of them have an indicator that will show you when the bottle is out of gas. The main color to look out for is red which simply indicates that you are out of gas and that it has switched to the next bottle that has gas. If you haven’t gone for such then it means you will have to know how to do things manually.

Doing it the old fashioned way

When it comes to dealing with a RF6000 gas changeover valve in a manual way first of all the hand wheel of the empty bottle is turned clockwise to turn it off. The changeover valve should then be moved to point towards the bottle that is full. Next turn on the hand wheel of the bottle that is full. This you do by moving the hand wheel in an anticlockwise direction and you will be through. In case you want to do some more checking then know that you only use the gas for cooking you should do so after nine months. If it is for boiling water then do the checking after two months. In short the advanced the use, the shorter the period for checking.

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