Panasonic DY-WL10 Wireless Adapter for Viera TC-L42E30

For the last few years, every major manufacturer including Panasonic has been offering an official Wi-Fi dongle. Panasonic DY-WL10 is a one of best selling accessories to add wireless connectivity to certain HDTVs, Blu-ray Disc players, and other home theater products. As the officially recommended wireless adapter for Panasonic TVs, DY-WL10 works as advertised.

With the wireless LAN adaptor plugged into the USB terminal, VIERA Connect, Easy IPTV, or VIERA Cast along with other online content can be enjoyed wirelessly by accessing your Wireless LAN router. With a high sensitivity receiving antenna, the connection will be stable. Now you can setup your VIERA HDTV or Blu-ray Disc player freely without worrying about LAN cable wiring.

This wireless adapter was easy to install and had us connected to the wireless router in just minutes. Compatible with Panasonic DMP-BDT110 and 2011 Panasonic HDTV models such as TC-P65ST30, TC-P60S30, TC-P50S30 and TC-L42E30. For you with older models, the DY-WL10 adapter also works with 2010 models like DMP-BDT350, DMP-BTD300, DMP-BD85, DMP-BD65, DMP-BD655, SC-BT730, SC-BT330, SC-BT230, SC-BT235 and DMP-B500.

For some reasons, people comparing the manufacturer recommended products and try to looking for the alternatives. It is reasonable, extent necessary to find the best quality or to reduce costs. However, remember to find a proper alternative is not easy and requires time. One of alternative products for Panasonic DY-WL10 wireless adapter that’s normally chosen is NetGear WNDA3100v2 because that is the only one that can be used instead of this Panasonic adapter.

Here are some of conclusions and observations associated with performance comparison of the NETGEAR WNDA3100v2 vs. Panasonic DY-WL10 wireless adapter:

– The price of both adapters are pretty much the same and assuring that you are getting the version 2 of the Netgear is pretty iffy unless you pay higher prices at a local electronics store and can directly look at the adapater. The Netgear is much positional which I found to be a negative because it is easy to be moved by roving cats, messing with wiring, etc. The Panasonic DY-WL10 wireless adapter seemed to pick up the max signal in almost all positions.

– The Panasonic DY-WL10 adapter gets stronger and more stable connections than the Netgear.

– Differences in PQ or stuttering could just as easily be blamed on a slow broadband connection. Your available bandwidth from your ISP is really the rate limiting step, not the Wireless N speed (even with a mediocre WiFi N connection).

– You have very little control over the adapter from the Panasonic Viera HDTVs or the Bluray. This is a dual band device and you can connect at 2.4 OR 5 if you have a dual band router. You cannot access any of the properties of either adapter as you could if it was connected to a PC.

Although there is a worthless instruction manual included with it, the adapter is very easy to install and works perfectly. Just plug it in to a USB port and off you go. The Panasonic DY-WL10 works well despite the negative comments that have more to do with availability, perceived high price compared to other USB WiFi adapters (probably true for G but not N). Price you should look for when purchasing — $27.79

With the wireless LAN adapter plugged into the USB terminal, VIERA Cast and other online content can be enjoyed wirelessly by accessing your wireless LAN router. With a high sensitivity receiving antenna, the connection will be stable. Now you can setup your Blu-ray Disc Player, Panasonic TC-L42E30 or other Panasonic Viera HDTV freely without worrying about LAN cable wiring.

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