The Paradox of Apple Cider Vinegar – To Use Or to Avoid in the Candida Treatment

If you’ll search the internet, you will find plenty of information regarding the Candida diet. Most of them will have something in common: they will recommend avoiding fermented foods, because those foods contain molds. Still, some of them will recommend to use apple cider vinegar; as a part of your diet or as a component for your enema recipes.

That is a very controversial issue in Candida diet: the use of apple cider vinegar. I’ve searched the internet, talked to microbiologists, to wine-makers, to alimentation technology specialists. Now I know how this vinegar is made, how does it works, and how candida reacts on it. The conclusion I made for me and which I want to share, is that raw apple cider vinegar is an excellent remedy for Candida symptoms.

The main point to pay attention too is the quality of apple vinegar. It should be raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar – the cloudy one, not the transparent one.

It should be cloudy because the transparent one undergone the process of clarifying, which involves the high temperature use. This high temperature kills all the good stuff in the apple vinegar.

Not only apple cider vinegar, being a fermented food helps to cure the Candida, sauerkraut is also good. The reason those two foods are good is the fermentation process. They are fermented by lactic bacteria – these bacteria are also contained in the vaginal flora and competing with yeasts for life-environment. These foods bring the good, friendly bacteria in our body. Both of them are also rich in digestive enzymes, which help to digest the food we eat.

The sauerkraut is fermented cabbage. Lactobacteria fermentates all the sugar contained in the cabbage. And the lack of sugars is like burned land to Candida: it starves to death.

Apple cider vinegar also works for Candida diet: it kills Candida directly. Actually, this vinegar is so good for Candida treatment, which sometimes it works too well. And brings some unpleasant reactions, known by Candida researchers as the die-off reaction or the Herxheimer reaction, which is a good thing, even if it feels pretty bad.

Apple cider vinegar is used to cure vaginal yeast infection, when used in douche. (I’ve seen this kind of douche sold in drugstores).

It can be applied on the skin – to cure the Candida skin and foot symptoms.

For intestinal Candida, water – vinegar enema is a perfect solution.

And it is widely used as a house – cleaning agent: it is perfect to clean your house from the mold. And molds are yeasts, you know.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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