What Are Micro Switches And Why Are Are They Popular?

As the electrical devices are becoming smaller and the efficiency of usage is increasing as well, the need for more efficient switches is in demand. This is the reason why microswitches are the most demanded. Popularly known as snap action switches, these are one of the most popular miniature switches that are used in the appliances and various modern technology devices. These switches are called micro switches because first, they are small, and second, they only require small force to be actuated.

About Micro Switches

These are small snap-action switches which can be switched on or off using the small act of force. These switches are made of metal strip which is stiff in make and has a spring attached to it. When the force is applied on the switch button, the strip flips. Now, as soon as the force starts receding away, the switch flips back. A typical switch will be of the dimension 3mm x 3mm x 9mm. Flipping of the switch makes light clicking noise.

Uses of Micros Switches

Some of the major uses of microswitches are:

  1. HVAC systems: these are used in panels of control systems and in air pressure systems.

  2. Card readers, IR detection systems, etc.: these switches are used to make sure no one dismounts these devices.

  3. Fire alarms, emergency doors: these switches are used as emergency buttons to activate the alarm system manually.

  4. Timer controls: these switches are placed in the timer systems of the appliances.

  5. Refrigerators: they are used in the water and dispenser.

  6. Air conditioning: microswitches on these systems detect the position of the louvers, AC doors panels, and AC buttons.

  7. Washing machines: these switches are used to turn the machine on and off, to detect the filter, the angle of the drum, level of water in the machine.

  8. Rice cookers: these switches are used in control panels and to detect whether the lid is open or close.

Why micro switches are used?

Today, microswitches are very popular and that is not just because of their smaller size or ease of use. They are also accounted for high reliability, which is a must-have in appliance switches. In these switches are repeated switch on and off at various positions take place with complete reliability and no lags. This makes them perfect for those appliances in which the switches are a way to ensure safety.

Another factor that makes these switches a perfect choice for industrial manufacturing is the; cost. When bought in bulk these switches are cheap and do not increase the overall expense. This makes them perfect options for the electronic industry as a major component of the appliances and devices.

Lastly, these switches are highly durable. This makes them a perfect choice as they will last longer than any other type of switches out there. These switches easily last for more than a million cycles without any problem. Also, if one chooses the expensive micro switches, then they tend to last more than 10 million cycles. Choosing micro switches, the appliances will be given more life in terms of its components.

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