Why Do You Need a Miniature Snap-Action or Micro Switch?

These switches are designed to decrease the amount of physical force required to actuate any machinery through large movements at the points of electrical contacts at very high speed. These switches work on the ‘tipping-point mechanism.’ They are extremely common because of their useful and reliable features. These miniature switches have a lot of uses in industries, public and personal spaces.

Various Uses of Micro Switches

These physically miniature structures have huge applications in all types of technological structures in various places. From your office building to your home, it is impossible not to have operated a micro switch everywhere you go.

Applications in Security:

  • In alarms and emergency call buttons: These switches are integrated into pushbuttons in fire alarms, emergency alarms for stopping and opening doors of metros, elevators, etc. These buttons must be easily activated with the slightest manual force and should be durable to ensure individuals’ safety.

  • Insecurity triggers: Several devices are installed in public spaces and transport, which can be dismounted and damaged. These devices include a micro switch that activates alarms if the device is removed or damaged.

  • In Elevators: The panels to select floors and open the doors of an elevator through micro switches.

Applications in Automatic Machines:

  • In turning devices: Surveillance cameras are required to turn back and forth from one side to another. To make sure the camera reaches the determined angle before turning back, micro switches are used.

  • In timers: Many appliances have a timer for different processes. To alert the user, micro switches are used to create an alarm when the time is over.

Applications in Home appliances:

  • In Refrigerators: They are used to alert if the door of the refrigerator is left open or the ice maker’s position is correct.

  • In Microwaves: It is included in ovens for timer alerts and safety switches.

  • In Washing Machines: There are many functions in the control panel of washing machines that require a micro switch. They are used to checking the water level, time up alarm, ensuring the door is closed, etc.

And the list does not end here. These miniature snap-action switches are used in different ways in vehicles, pipes, multi-purpose tops, vending machines, and other electrical circuits to carry out small to enormous tasks.

Features of Microswitches:

In accordance with the wide range of micro switches, the variety in specifications is huge too. Before selecting a micro switch as per your requirement, it is important to look into the specific features.

  • Choosing the right capacity from logic-level loads to heavy-duty switches.

  • Considering the device’s operating temperature or appliance and, therefore, the required range of the switch.

  • Properties like switch and insulation resistance.

  • The material of contacts such as silver, gold, or other alloy platted, etc.

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