WRT610N – The Best Internet Router With Wireless-N Ready From Linksys

When it comes to the latest wireless technology today, Linksys WRT610N is considered to be on of the best servers that hit the techno markets today. Yes, it is the first true dual band router. It can run two different frequencies simultaneously. It caters to both needs of a customer who use 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. Among the wireless routers today, WRT610N is atop.

A striking feature of the WRT610N is its UFO shape external case. There are a lot of spaces inside. This is a very good consideration of ventilation purposes to avoid overheat. WRT610N is damn so attractive. It has an internal antenna which makes it so handy. In front of the WRT610N is lots of LED which are mainly used for display of status of the several ports. A WPS button can be found at the middle of the LED’s. WRT610N offers support to WPS devices.

One of the best features of the WRT610N is that it can be used as NAS. This can be done by connecting a USB port on the router. This router, as stated earlier works for both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. Because of this, you can connect multiple devices. The worrying about the frequencies is eliminated.

WRT610N is also Mac and Windows compatible. It is very rare for us to see Mac compatible software. WRT610N can also be configured through the web interface. If you are using WRT610N as NAS, it is similar like using a normal file server. You can access to different files in no time. WRT610N is also USB ready. There is no need to use extra cables.

This server has also very good encryption capabilities! WRT610N comes with an extensive system for filtering files. It is truly a way to safeguard your server. You can set up blocks for certain applications and ports.

Talking about performance, WRT610N is also very good. There are lots of internet routers today that are merely fluffs. It performs of 101mbps measured in close range. It was tested on a 5GHz. On long range, it has 54mbps performance. This is a really impressive feature of WRT610N.

In terms of the best routers nowadays, WRT610N really belongs. Dual connectivity, good performance and software compatibility, what else would you find more? These offers are all in a WRT610N. This router really caters to a great number of users. This router is very useful for those who download variety of files. WRT610N is the most versatile router in this modern era.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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