12 oxygen plants entered from Europe for the first time

12 oxygen plants entered from Europe for the first time

Ezlid International Pvt. Ltd. has imported 12 oxygen plants from Europe for the first time.

In collaboration with the National Business Initiative (NBI) and SDS Holdings to connect public and private hospitals, Ezlid International Pvt. Ltd. has imported 12 European technology oxygen plants worth about Rs. 150 million.

The currently imported plants will be connected to Janamitri Hospital, Teku Hospital, Hetauda Hospital, Kirtipur Hospital, Pokhara Infectious Disease Control Hospital and Kankai Hospital in Kathmandu.

Along with NBI, Hetauda Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Puri Foundation Belgium and NRNA Belgium have also provided assistance for oxygen import.

Six of the imported items can be sold to any hospital as per the requirement, said Arjun Kumar Shrestha, chairman of Ezlid International Pvt.

The company claims that the Oxygen Life brand oxygen plant produced by the Turkish company Etasam is of better quality than the one that has come to Nepal so far.

“So far, Nepal has been importing only plants with 92 percent oxygen content, but for the first time, plants with 95 percent oxygen content have been imported from Europe,” said Chairman Shrestha.

Currently, the imported oxygen plant produces 25 to 176 cylinders of oxygen per day. The oxygen produced can easily meet the demand of a hospital with 50 to 250 beds.

Even though there has been an acute shortage of medicines and hospital equipment since the third week of April, Ezlid International had managed to supply and market oxygen cylinders, ventilators, pulse oximeters and more.


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