2 lakh 84 thousand 903 people registered IMEI number of mobile

2 lakh 84 thousand 903 people registered IMEI number of mobile

2 lakh 84 thousand 903 people have registered IMEI number of mobile. So far, 2,84,903 people have registered their IMEI numbers.

Achutananda Mishra, co-spokesperson of the Nepal Telecommunications Authority, said that 284,903 people have so far registered their IMEI numbers.

Although the mobile device management system came into operation on July 20, the IMEI registration of mobile phones had already started.

NEA had implemented mobile device management system from July 20 to stop illegal mobiles. This system is not yet fully operational.

Mishra informed that the equipment to be kept in the data center of Chabahil has not arrived yet. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Register online

Initially to register IMEI number of mobile online click here Do it Then you can register by clicking on Individual and entering the required details.

Also you click here You can find out if your IMEI number is registered or not. If not registered, you need to register. Dial * # 06 # to know the IMEI number of your mobile.

When dialing this, the mobile supports only one SIM and shows only one IMEI number. If the mobile supports 2 SIMs, it shows 2 IMEI numbers. If there are 2 IMEI numbers, both the numbers have to be registered with NEA.


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