2 months free internal remittance can be sent from NIC Asia Bank’s mobile banking app

2 months free internal remittance can be sent from NIC Asia Bank’s mobile banking app

Free internal remittances can be sent for two months through NIC Asia Bank’s mobile banking app.

The bank’s customers will be able to send money from one place to another for free using NIC Asia Mobank under this scheme which will be implemented from September 4 to October 4.

Under this scheme, customers will be able to easily send remittances from their NIC Asia Mobank from anywhere, anytime.

After tapping on the send remittance icon inside NIC Asia Mob Bank, remittance amount, name (mobile number and address) of the recipient will be mentioned and the purpose of sending remittance can be selected and remittance can be sent safely.

Remittances can be easily withdrawn from all bank branches and extended counters across the country as well as from more than 12,000 remittance agents.

The bank believes that the current need for digital transactions during the Covid-19 epidemic will save customers from the hassle of sending remittances to the bank branch by filling up physical forms as well as saving time and maintaining the physical distance between the epidemics.

The bank has become the largest branch network in the country providing banking services through 356 branch offices, 472 ATMs, 70 extended counters and 81 branchless banking across the country.


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