220 million high speed digital printer unused, printing abroad

220 million high speed digital printer unused, printing abroad

There are many examples of people who spend a lot of money to buy new technology but do not use it. An example is the high speed digital color printer purchased by the Election Commission.

The three such machines purchased by the commission in 2074 BS for about Rs 220 million are still not in use. If it is not necessary to use it, then the question has arisen as to why the Election Commission bought it.

He had bought a high speed digital color printer for Rs 105.54 million. Similarly, Sping Digital Monochrome worth Rs. 112.8 million was purchased.

The Election Commission had purchased the machine worth Rs. 218.34 million for the election. It was not used in the federal election and the by-election in 2076 BS.

In the past, it was pointed out in the report of the Accountant General that printing was done from outside even though high capacity machines were purchased.

The Accountant General has also given direction to bring the machine into consumption by managing the paper and manpower used for the consumption of the machine.


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