4 minors arrested for stealing school laptop, CCTV camera, sound system

Kathmandu. Four minors have been arrested for vandalizing the school and stealing various electronic devices including laptops. They were arrested on Saturday by a police team deployed from Sisuwa area police office under District Police Office Kaski. All those arrested are under 18 years of age.

Kaski from Zipra was arrested on Friday night in Pokhara Metropolitan City Ward no. 33 It was reported that the office of Shri Shanti Uday Higher Secondary School at Barpandethum was ransacked and a laptop and other important electronic equipment were stolen.

According to the office, 11 laptops of different companies, seven chargers, five mice, CCTV cameras, CCTV monitors etc. were stolen from the school's lab. Based on that, the police team arrested those local children of Lekhnath municipality.

The police said that seven working and three broken laptops were recovered from them. They are being investigated by the Kaski District Court in a theft and robbery case with an extension of five days.

Last updated: Baisakh 30, 2081 20:22


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