5 Examples of Professional Websites for Showcasing Services or Talent

5 Examples of Professional Websites for Showcasing Services or Talent

Did you know that 98% of recruiters use candidate tracking systems such as Google or LinkedIn? If you want to get found by recruiters, you need to make a great professional website. But what should it look like and how can you use it in a way that works?

Don’t worry if you struggle with making decisions about what to include on your website. There are plenty of examples of professional websites to take inspiration from.

With this guide, you can create a website that presents a concise yet impressive picture of your credentials. You can find out how to make a professional website that will impress recruiters and clients. It all comes down to knowing what to include and how to arrange everything.

Keep reading to learn more about why a professional website can make a big difference in your talent.

Examples of Personal Websites

Having a personal website is a great way to build your portfolio, even if you want to work for a company.

So what should this look like? What do you need to include?

Rhiannon Navin has a great example of a personal website that helps her succeed in her business and career. She focuses specifically on what she wants to advertise so that when someone visits her site, they know what they are looking at.

Quinton Harris is an example of another great personal website to display his story and who he is. All you have to do is follow along on the vibrant but simple website to learn more about what he does and what he has to offer.

Examples of Professional Websites

If you are trying to make a more professional website, there are many examples of those as well.

For instance, any company that offers a product or service is going to have a website that clarifies what the service is as well as how it can help you. This could range from lawn care to travel and more.

Think about Nike, Under Armour, Lulu Lemon, LinkedIn, Amazon, and others like these. They are all professionally done and user-friendly.

If you want a professional website, you should look into web design in Coeur d”Alene.

While it can be difficult to design something on your own, especially if you are not a designer, then you will want to have a professional make sure your site looks professional! This will help you land that job you’ve been wanting or those clients you’ve been hoping for!

Build a Professional Portfolio

Using these examples of professional websites can help you to build a professional portfolio for yourself. And even if you have to outsource some of it, you’ll be building something you can use for years to come!

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