5 million people connect to broadband internet in a year

5 million people connect to broadband internet in a year

The country has been going through Korana infection for the last one year. The Corona transition has hit industry, business and health, while digital literacy and business seem to have contributed.

The number of broadband internet connections in the country has also skyrocketed in the space of a year. According to the latest government figures, the number of people connected to the broadband internet has reached about 50 in a year.

According to the MIS report released by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority in April, the population with broadband internet access in the country has reached 88.93. That is, this number is 26.8 million 82 thousand 7 hundred 21.

As of April last year, the number of people connected to broadband internet was 219,14,068 or 73.35 percent.

Comparing the number of broadband internet connections in a year, 49,68,653 have been added in a year. In other words, the number of broadband internet users has increased by 15.58 percent in one year.

There has been a lot of progress in mobile broadband over a period of one year and then there has been fixed broadband (wire). Wireless fixed broadband does not seem to have made much progress.

Mobile broadband has increased by 10 percent in a year. Mobile broadband has risen to 65.39 percent from 55.29 percent in April last year.

Mobile broadband internet has expanded a lot due to the recent expansion of Forge. For example, the number of Forge users was 48.21 million 342 till last April, but now it has increased by 3 million 50 thousand 213 to 78.71 million 555.

The number of 3G users has reached 11.76 million. This is only about 200,000 more than last year. Last year, the number of 3G users was 11.5 million 62 thousand.

Similarly, fixed broadband increased by 5.45 per cent to 22.78 per cent in one year. In April last year, such internet was 17.33 percent.

Wireless fixed broadband, which was 0.73 last year, has now reached 0.76.


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