5 people won 1 lakh each while recharging Dishhome

5 people have won cash Rs.1/1 lakh while recharging for 1 year at Dishhome. Khotang’s Debka Acharya, Ratnakala Budhathoki, Kamala Rizal, Hiralal Rizal and Ambita Rai won cash prizes of one lakh each.


The cash prize amount has been provided under the scheme where you can watch Dishhome for 24 months after recharging for 1 year of Dishhome.

Rajan Prasad Acharya, president of Khotang Udyog Banijya Sangh, in the presence of regional sales manager Bipindra Neupane and officer Bijay Panthi from DIS Media, handed over the award.

Dealer Bijay Stores and Suppliers Diktel-1, Khotanka under Saiju Enterprises managed to get the prize under the scheme by doing annual recharge of Dhome from Dealerdaico.

Under this scheme, customers of Dishhome DTH can participate in this offer by going to the nearest Dealerdaico and recharging for 1 year through fund transfer.

Also, one lucky customer who recharges under this offer every week will get a chance to win Rs.1 lakh in cash through a lucky draw.

The live telecast of Lucky Draw can be seen every week on Monday at 5 PM on Dishhome Reality TV, Rahusha HD, Sarokar TV, Nepa: Channel, and Dishhome Showcase.

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