5 tips you should know to avoid cybercrime

Kathmandu. If we look at police statistics, cyber crime has increased significantly in Nepal recently. Cyber ​​crime does not happen only because of others. In some cases, if you don't take some precautions, you can also commit cyber crime. Or you can get caught in cyber crime. In order to prevent such incidents from happening to you, you need to get information about cyber security.

The Cyber ​​Bureau under the Nepal Police has been doing the work of investigating cyber crimes in Nepal. From time to time, the bureau has been giving information related to cyber security. Today we're discussing five cybersecurity tips recommended by the bureau:

1. Use a secure password

-Use a different password for each account. Keep changing from time to time. Keep a strong and unique password. Enter the password by mixing numbers, letters, symbols.

-Use Two Factor Authentication (TUFA) or Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for added security along with passwords.

2. Do not click unexpected links

– If any link comes in SMS/Messenger/WhatsApp or any other medium, do not click randomly without making sure it is trustworthy.

– If you ask for money saying that a parcel/gift has arrived from abroad, customs has to be deducted, do not rush to pay the amount.

– Don't be tempted if you get a message saying that the lot has been discarded.

– Do not share your password and One Time Password (OTP) with anyone.

3. Confidential details 'Keep confidential

– Do not post unnecessary personal details and objectionable pictures and videos on social networks.

-Be aware of links, apps, websites, online forms, etc. that come from different sources. Think before you click them.

4. Be aware of financial transactions

– Do not rely on attractive gifts or lottery that may come to email and mobile phone.

– If the person who is known as “Emergency'' asks for money, make a phone call and confirm.

5. Be knowledgeable about technology use

-Use antivirus software or ad blocker on your computer as needed.

– Use a complete copy or version (Genuine Version) of any program/software.

– Make regular backups of important data in different mediums.

How to give information about cyber crime to the bureau?

The bureau has provided various means to inform about any cyber crime. When filing a complaint at the bureau, you must not leave out the citizenship/passport number (date of birth in case of children), the necessary clear screenshots, URLs related to the victim and the perpetrator, contact numbers.

Submit a complaint via email click here You can download the application form.

Bureau Mailing Address: [email protected]

Facebook page:

Contact Number: 9851286770/01-5319044


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