50 years ago today, the first mobile phone call was made

Hello ! Joel , I’m actually talking to you on a cellular phone. From a handheld phone


This dialogue is 50 years ago today 3 April, San १९७३ That is today Dr. By Martin Cooper A competitor in New York from the phone of the cream-colored Motorola company. Joel had a wireless call with Angles.

KूपरDr. Angle was shocked after hearing that It was like falling from a cliff. because He had no words to communicate. Perhaps his competitor, Cooper, had made a cordless phone call before him. The world’s first phone This was the cellular mobile.

Motorola company researcher Martin Cooper. He built his own Motorola DynaAT&T’s Joel Engle was called from the Tac 8000X handheld phone. At that time the weight of this mobile was 2 kg.

Dr. Cooper first times The advent of mobile phonesskara san Although it was made in 1973, it took 10 years to reach the market. About the said phone Many researches done and after San Since 1983 its sale started When the sale of the mobile phone started in New York City, USA, its market value was 3 Thousand995 US dollars i.e. 10 thousand US dollars according to the current market price.

By reducing the weight of the mobile 1 at that time.1 kg was weeded. This 9-inch tall Motorola mobile phone was only used to pick up the phone and talk. Something like photography and GPS systems now Also feature was not There was no facility to insert SIM card.

90 year old dr. Cooper says with a laughdo you believe ? Now we are developing phone based on car and later it will help us for 100 years for home and office work.

The use of GSM started in 1987 with the help of digital technology in mobile phonesoh San In 1992, the facility of SMS became available for the first time. It started with texting for the first time in the UK.

Invention of mobile phone with camera by Samsung company Samsung SCHV2000 was done by phone. At this time there was a facility to take up to 20 photos, But no one could be sent. The process of sending photos taken only by the J-SH04 model phone to other mobile phones was started. Both these mobile phones were invented in Asia.

The Nokia 9000 was the first mobile phone to be connected to the Internet. It was released in 1996. The iPhone was launched in 2007. From the BBC

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