6 people arrested for betting from OneX Bet

6 people have been arrested for betting from OneX Bet. The team deployed from the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office has arrested 6 people from Lokantali, PepsiColaba and other places in the valley.


Based on the information that the agents are active in collecting money for betting through the betting application OneX Bet, the investigation team deployed by this office arrested them from Lokantali, PepsiColaba and other places in the valley on March 6, the office said.

According to the Criminal Investigation Office, they have been seized with the sum of 346 paddy of various service providers’ SIM cards and have been sent to District Police Complex Bhaktapur and District Police Complex Teku Kathmandu for further investigation and action under the offense of not making them engage in betting under Section 125 of the Civil Code 2074. .

Arrested in Jumla’s Chandannath Municipality Ward No. 23-year-old Dilip Singh Kathayat, currently residing in District Bhaktapur Lokantali, Chandannath Municipality Ward no. 23-year-old Bhupalraj Neupane, who lives in Garigaon and now lives in District Bhaktapur Lokanthali, Chandannath Municipality Ward No. of Jumla. 19-year-old Nayanraj Bhandari, formerly of 5 Taliwada, currently living in district Bhaktapur Gathaghar, Sarlahi’s Balra municipality ward no. 5 houses and now Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward no. 28-year-old Varun Kumar Singh, resident of 32, Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward no. 32-year-old Vasudev Pandey and Kavrepalanchok’s Madankudari rural municipality ward no. Shivani Tamang is a 26-year-old resident of Baluwatar, Kathmandu.

Among the arrested persons, Dilip Singh Kathayat for the past 1 year, Bhupal Raj Neupane for the past 9 months, Nayanraj Bhandari for the past 6 months, Barun Kumar Singh for the past 6 months, Shivani Tamang opened an account in his own name and allowed Roman Gurung to operate the account for the past 8 months, and Vasudev Pandey for the past 8 months. He started working as a betting agent at Onex Bet since 1 month.

Dilip Singh Kathayat, Bhupalraj Neupane and Nayanraj Bhandari, who were arrested for collecting money from different wallets, set up 8 accounts in their name and 2 in their sister’s name, 2 corporate accounts in the name of INFIWAVE, and operated a total of 12 accounts in betting transactions. Out of the 12 accounts, through 9 accounts for which transaction details have been received, a total of Rs. According to the police, it is seen that 7 codes worth 77 lakh 87 thousand 328 have been engaged in betting transactions and the details of the remaining 3 accounts are in the process of being received.

Barun Kumar Singh, who was arrested, opened a total of 8 bank accounts, 4 in his own name and 4 in the name of different companies, for betting transactions. According to the police, transactions worth 82 lakh 32 thousand 770 have been seen and details of other 7 accounts are yet to be received.

The other arrested person, Shivani Tamang, has 3 accounts for betting transactions, and in the details of 2 accounts, a total of Rs. It is seen that an amount of 47 lakh 93 thousand 20 has been transacted while the details of 1 account are yet to be received.

So far during the investigation, the digital wallets opened in the names of 35 different people have a total of Rs. According to the police, since the betting transactions worth 41 crores 15 and 206 have been observed, the transactions of those wallets have also been stopped and further investigations are being carried out.

During the investigation, betting transactions amounting to Rs.12 crore, 25 lakh, 35 thousand 911 were found through 34 bank accounts of 15 different people, and further investigation is being done by freezing those bank accounts as well.

According to the information received, it has been seen that a total amount of 98 million 13 thousand 108 Marabar was traded from the arrested person through betting.

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