6 Ways to Keep Your Photos Safe


We capture the important moments of life in photographs. Whether it’s going to a new place or having fun with friends or family, we capture that moment in photos.


Sometimes we want to keep the moments captured in the photo as a proof but it is equally important to keep such photos safely.

Even if you share photos online, we need to keep a safe backup. There are many ways to backup. Today we are going to talk about some ways to keep backups.

Use an external hard disk or solid state drive

The cheapest and most reliable way to store photos is to buy an external storage drive and store them on it. After this offline storage, there is no fear of being attacked online. Not only that, the storage device can be taken wherever you go.

There is no problem of needing an internet connection for this, so you can take the storage drive even in remote areas. The entire drive can also be encrypted for added security.

Using a network-based storage device

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a great storage option and has some optional cloud services.

It is especially made for businesses or professionals who have a large number of photos and videos. But if you need a very powerful backup solution, it can be used privately.

Understanding the difference between hard disk and network attached storage, backups are made by making multiple copies of data for added security in this system. It can be used for a long period of time unless there is a very serious physical problem.

Synology NAS is very popular in the market. The Synology DS220J is a great entry-level model. The cloud service in it provides encryption service.

Encrypt photos on your computer

You can encrypt files using software. Tools like Cryptometer also allow you to encrypt files.

Such a tool can also be accessed from mobile and such a tool may not be free. Users can encrypt a folder or a file.

The user needs the master password to decrypt the file. You have to enter as hard a password as possible. Photos cannot be viewed without a password, so more security is added to the photos.

Using a secure cloud storage service

Encrypting photos, entering passwords and backing up photos can sometimes be a hassle. If there is such a tendency, the encryption process can be uploaded to a good cloud storage service and encrypted autonomously.

Along with encrypting files, it also provides cloud backup. It can also be accessed from different devices.

Build your own server

If you don’t like local storage and don’t trust cloud services, you can build your own server and gain control over your data.

You can build a server and use software like Pivigo or NextCloud. Through this means, users can control, keep and manage data privately.

Encrypt your mobile device

You can keep the photos safe by encrypting not only the photos but also your device. Many new Android devices now have encryption enabled by default.

If you have used microSD storage, you can encrypt it by going to the device settings. iOS devices have the facility to store passwords. This is why there are various ways to hide photos on the phone.


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