662 broadband internet reaches local level, delay in optical fiber expansion

662 broadband internet reaches local level, delay in optical fiber expansion

There are 662 broadband internet connections at the local level. According to NEA, internet connection has been completed in the offices of 662 local bodies till mid-June last year.

Similarly, 5,230 ward offices, 4,603 secondary schools and 3,633 health institutions have internet connection.

NEA had signed agreements with various internet service providers in 18 packages to provide internet service to 702 local levels of the country. Now only 40 local levels have to be reached.

Similarly, the work of extension of information highway (optical fiber) connecting Mid-Hill Highway and district headquarters has been delayed. NEA had agreed on three packages for laying optic fiber.

Under the first package, Nepal Telecom has laid 979 kilometers of optical fiber in 1.2 provinces of Bagmati. The telco has so far completed only 44.92 percent of the optical fiber laying work.

NEA had signed an agreement with United Telecom to lay optic fiber in Gandaki and Lumbini provinces under the second package. NEA had decided to cancel the agreement as work was not progressing as per the agreement.

But after the Supreme Court went against the decision of the United Telecom Authority and issued an interim order not to implement the decision, the work has not been able to move forward.

Similarly, NEA has entered into an agreement with Nepal Telecom to lay optical fiber in Karnali and Far Western Provinces under the third package.

Initially, the contract given to Smart Telecom was given to Telecom after the work could not be done as per the agreement. Currently, the work progress of the third package is also zero.


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