663 Broadband Internet Reaches Local Level

663 Broadband Internet Reaches Local Level

Nepal Telecommunication Authority has connected 663 broadband internet connections at the local level under the project to provide broadband internet across the country.

According to NEA, internet connection has been completed in the offices of 663 local bodies till mid-July last year.

According to NEA, 5,264 ward offices, 4,640 secondary schools and 3,651 health institutions have internet connection.

NEA had signed agreements with various internet service providers in 18 packages to provide internet service to 702 local levels of the country. According to which, only 39 local levels have to be provided internet now.

Out of the 18 packages provided by the Rural Telecommunication Development Fund to provide broadband services, 15 packages have completed 100 percent of the work in the designated places in 60 districts.

Similarly, NEA has stated that the service has come into operation after completing more than 50 percent of the work in the specified places in 10 districts through two packages.


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