7-point agreement between the government and Mahavir Pun, to bring a draft of fund management within 60 days

Mahavir Pun, the founder of the National Innovation Center, has agreed on 7 points.


In the talks held on Monday between the Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka and the Chairman of the Center, Mahavir Pun, it was agreed that the government will establish a fund to carry out research and development, innovation and invention works in an integrated manner.

According to the agreement, the government will submit and pass a bill in the upcoming session of the Federal Parliament to manage and operate the fund and the draft of the bill will be prepared within the next 60 days in consultation with stakeholders.

Similarly, the agreement states that the government will deposit 1 percent of the capital budget of the federal government in the research and development, innovation and invention fund from the next financial year.

Speaking to the media after signing the MoU, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Purna Bahadur Khadka said that the Government of Nepal has agreed to establish a fund to conduct research and development, innovation and innovation activities in an integrated manner. He said that it was agreed to invest in research and development, innovation and innovation activities from the fund.

He said, ‘In order to advance the campaign of innovation, research and invention, one percent of the annual development budget of the federal government will be deposited in the budget fund, the methods and procedures for the operation, management and investment of the fund, and the departmental bodies will be submitted in the coming session to address the points indicated by Mahavir Pun in 4 points. , we have signed an agreement to transfer from the session to the parliament and manage the investment accordingly.’

Speaking to the media after signing the agreement, Chairman Pun said that he has suspended his protest from today and will hold a protest in the coming days to make the youth aware. He said that the protest was peaceful and the discussion was positive. He said that if the government continues to say that the demand has been met, there will be no point in protesting.

He said, ‘After signing the agreement, there should be unity. We will stop the movement according to the signature. It is not only a movement but also a campaign. Many citizens have participated in this movement. This movement was peaceful, the discussion was also good. If the movement is stopped, if the government keeps saying that the demand has been met, there is no point in this movement. My next movement will make the youth aware.’

Chairman Pun thanked all the citizens who showed solidarity in the movement.

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