8 arrested for betting on Euro Cup football online

8 arrested for betting on Euro Cup football online, Rs 3.4 million in cash

The Metropolitan Crime Branch has arrested eight people from Kathmandu on charges of betting on football games including Euro Cup 2020.

Among the arrested are Rajendra Shrestha Pradhan, 57, of Sukedhara, Kathmandu, Jivan Lama, 47, of Dhokatol, Suraj Tiwdewal, 46, of Kuleshwor, Parsa and Gobind Prasad Acharya, 45, of Dhapasi, Chitwan.

Similarly, Ashok Kumar Gupta, 46, of Kuleshwar, Bihar, Rajesh Kumar Agrawal, 49, of Indrachowk, Haryana, Suchit Dalmiya Agrawal, 33, of Kshetrapati, India and Amarnath Gupta, 46, of Marutol, Morang Are

A special police team has arrested a man for betting large sums of money on the pretext of making a profit by betting online on the Euro Cup 2020 and Copa America Cup football games currently being held in Europe and the United States.

According to SP Krishna Prasad Koirala, Information Officer at the Division, they were arrested from Indra Chowk, Marutol, New Road, Kshetrapati, Gaurighat and other places in Kathmandu.

Also, the preliminary investigation has revealed that the money used in betting from different places is sent and received from IMI.

According to SP Koirala, the arrested persons have been sent to the Metropolitan Police Complex, Kathmandu for necessary action to punish them for violating Article 125, Sub-Article 4 of the Criminal Code, 2074 BS.


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