A chance to travel to Hong Kong while sending money to your bank account from Isewa

Isewa, the first and leading payment service provider in Nepal, has announced the gift scheme ‘Pay money through bank transfer, get Hong Kong ticket instantly’.


Under this offer, Isewa customers will get a chance to visit Hong Kong when they transfer funds to their bank account through their Isewa account.

In this offer, you can get double cashback while making a bank transfer and also win double tickets while visiting Hong Kong. You can participate in this offer by transferring funds to bank and cooperative accounts through Iseva.

This offer scheme will be operated till 30th of Chaitra. To participate in this plan, bank transfer should be done at least twice during the plan period.

Isewa is currently providing services to common Nepalis through apps to 5.5 million customers on Android mobile and 10 million to 6.5 million customers on IOS mobile. Isewa has facilitated many types of financial transactions through digital means from the affluent areas of Nepal to the poor settlements.

Insurance premium payment, internet, electricity and water tariff payment, mobile phone, telephone recharge and top-up, airplane, bus ticket, school and college fees etc. can be paid from Iseva. There are currently 52 banks and financial institutions as members of Iseva.

From these banks, you can easily deposit money in Iseva and send money from Iseva to your bank account. At present, more than 185,000 agents can avail the services and facilities of Isewa.

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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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