A company led by a Nepalese entrepreneur, 'Jane's Solutions' opened an office in Nigeria

Kathmandu. Janes Solutions, an information technology consulting company led by a Nepali entrepreneur, has expanded its office in Nigeria. This company, which is headquartered in the UK, has recently opened its office in Nigeria.

Speaking to Tekpana, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Janes Solutions, Anjani Phuyal, informed that the office has expanded to provide services such as digital transformation as well as cloud solutions, cyber security, data consulting, etc. to government and private companies in Nigeria.

“Nigeria is not only the largest information technology market in Africa, it is also a country that is emerging as a technology hub. While the world's cloud service providers are expanding their services in emerging markets, we have also decided to show our effective presence in Nigeria,” said CEO Phuyal.

Phuyal further said, “We have seen good potential for collaboration and business growth in Nigeria as the National Digital Economy Policy introduced by the Nigerian government has facilitated business and investment.”

He also thanked the non-resident Nepalis who helped to establish the company in Nigeria.

Hikmat Thapa, Senior Manager of Dangote Group, an industrial establishment based in Nigeria, and former Treasurer of Non-Resident Nepali Association said, “It is a matter of pride that a company led by a Nepali entrepreneur is established in Nigeria. It also sends the message that Nepal is emerging as a hub of information technology to the rest of the world. Also given”.​

Jaynes Solutions has offices in eight countries including Nepal, Bangladesh, America.

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