A modern device to track embossed number plates, no longer tax-paying vehicles will be caught from place to place

Kathmandu. Now modern equipment will be used to track embossed number plates. For this, the government is going to use Embossed Identification Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID).

On Tuesday, Physical Infrastructure and Transport Minister Prakash Jwala handed over five RFIDs for reading embossed number plates to the Nepal Police.

In an event held at the ministry on Tuesday, Minister Jwala handed over the RFID machine that reads the details on the embossed number plates to the police. The machine was handed over to DIG Bharat Bohora and DIG Pokharel of Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office under Nepal Police Headquarters.

According to the Transport Management Department, 100 machines will be handed over soon.

At present, there is a system for installing embossed number plates on vehicles, but there is no system for reading the available data. Along with this, the Transport Management Department is also constructing gates for reading embossed plates in different places (Naka) of the country.

Minister Jwala said that along with the installation of embossed plates on vehicles, this system will be important in terms of vehicle safety and other aspects. On that occasion, its demo was also shown.

Secretary of Physical Ministry Keshav Kumar Sharma, Director General of Transport Management Department Uddhav Prasad Rizal and Chief of Traffic Police Poshraj Pokhre were also present in the program.

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