A North Korean hacker carried out a cyber attack on a South Korean court, stealing sensitive data

Kathmandu. It has been reported that North Korean hackers have taken over the computer network of the South Korean court for the past two years. A joint study by the South Korean police and the National Investigation Service recently brought this fact.

According to the study report, a large amount of personal information of common people has been stolen by accessing the computer network of the court. Under this, hackers have collected more than 1 TB of data and documents from January 2021 to February 2023.

This data includes the name of the person, registration number as well as financial records. It is claimed that the North Korean hacker group Lazarus is involved in this hacking.

Among the hacked files, 5,171 have been identified during the investigation. This number is only 0.5 of the total hacked number.

Although it was initially assumed that the hacker had attacked the computer network for cryptocurrency, there has been no incident of data disclosure and ransom demand.

Last updated: Baisakh 30, 2081 15:42


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