A workshop to empower children and make them more creative

Nepal Internet Foundation is going to organize a workshop to inspire more empowerment and creativity in children.


Organizers said that the workshop was held at Utpala Cafe in Buddh, Kathmandu on Saturday, 6th Baisakh.

In the workshop, children will showcase their talents using the internet.

Organizers claim that the workshop will be organized with the aim that the Internet is for children, where children can explore their artistic abilities, increase their skills and experience the joy of creating art.

‘We aim to provide a positive and nurturing environment where children can express themselves and discover their creative potential,’ said Tajanna Shrestha, a volunteer of the Nepal Internet Foundation.

He said that the aim is to empower children through art and education. Also, she has appealed to all media, community leaders, art lovers to participate in publishing and broadcasting its news.

The safe and free internet program for Nepal’s orphans, which was launched during the Corona epidemic, is a form of ‘Ek Abhiyan’. According to the organizers, it aims to help bring out the immense talent hidden in children through art and painting and to improve the digital divide through the use of internet. Internet has been provided free of charge by World Link Communication for this campaign.

Currently, with the help of World Link, 21 of the 39 children’s homes in Budhanilkanth Municipality are providing free internet connection to the children’s homes, the organizer claims that more support is being provided to enhance their talent.

Tomorrow’s workshop will be taught by accomplished artists and mentors to the children, which will include various art techniques and mediums. The participants and guests of the workshop will have to purchase a ticket worth Rs. They will have the opportunity to learn and use various forms of artistic expression including painting, drawing and scratching.

The workshop will conduct interactive sessions where children will share their stories and experiences to inspire a sense of community and togetherness.

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