ADB Hackathon completed, who is the winner?

The ADB Hackathon organized as a part of Accelerating Sanitation for All in Asia and the Pacific has been successfully completed.


The project was organized by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Government of Nepal, Ministry of Water Supply, Water and Sewerage Management Department/Project Management Office, co-organization of Nepal Science and Technology Pragya Foundation and the management of Robotics Association of Nepal.

The hackathon inspired innovators across Nepal to develop technological solutions aimed at improving the safety and dignity of sanitation workers in the country by leveraging technology, creativity and teamwork.

It identified start-up companies with innovative ideas or technical solutions that could improve the safety, welfare and working conditions of sanitation workers in Bharatparu and Nepalganj, Nepal.

Through a competitive selection process, the jury selected four winners to work with project experts, consulting engineers, PMOs and other stakeholders.

The winner of ADB Hackathon is Butwal Sanitary Pvt.

Similarly, Team Mantra has come in the second place and Team Ballivo is in the third place. Team Nekno Technology Pvt Ltd came in fourth place. All the winners have received an award worth more than 5 million for project development.

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