After Deepak and Deepashree were 'cheated' while chasing the 1 million bharu lottery that was not won online…

Kathmandu. Recently, Nepal Police released a video message to warn people after the increase in the number of frauds due to online lottery. The police posted the video on social media on Sunday and alerted the public to avoid such incidents.

“If you don't win the lottery, but you get messages like you won the lottery or you got a job in a big company or you got a huge amount from a stranger, remember, you are getting scammed,” the caption of the video reads. “Don't fall into any kind of temptation, call the nearest police station or 100. As a responsible citizen, protect yourself and the society from being cheated by giving timely information to the police.”

In the video, actor Deepakraj Giri and actress Deepashree Niraula are shown as victims. They are presented in a video where a person speaks in Hindi saying that they have won a lottery of 10 lakh Indian rupees.

Then the agent contacts the Nepali person. And they will send the requested amount as Nepali agent said. However, in the end, another victim informs them that she has been cheated and is now going to file a complaint.

After learning about the incident, Deepak and Deepashree realize that they have been cheated and file a complaint. When a complaint is filed immediately, it is shown that it is easy for the police to investigate and the perpetrator is arrested.

The police have advised through video messages not to fall into such online fraud and if they have been cheated, they have requested to file a complaint with proof immediately.

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