After driving Tesla's Cyber ​​Truck wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset…

Kathmandu. A video of a person driving a cyber Tesla truck using a VR (virtual reality) headset has gone viral on social media since Monday. Recently, serious questions about safety have been raised after a driver drove a Tesla using Apple's VR headset in public.

In the 13-second video, a person can be seen inside a moving cyber truck. He is wearing Apple's Vision Pro VR headset and is controlling it with the help of his fingers.

After the video went viral, US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said that drivers should be sensitive to such matters.

“All advanced driver assistance systems available today need to be under the control of a human driver, requiring the driver to be fully involved in the driving task,” sharing the video. peatle xwrote in

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the VR headset that Apple has provided in the market. With the help of a device, the discussion of this device has increased after creating a virtual world and doing one's own work in it. Apple has suggested not to use this device while driving, cycling, or operating heavy machinery. Regarding the viral video, the company has not given any response.

Autopilot feature has been provided in Tesla's cyber truck. Advanced driver assistance technology has been used in this vehicle and it has been analyzed as a semi-automatic driving technology. It requires human assistance to use it.

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