After the murder of his wife, which the former minister tried to hide, was seen on the CCTV footage…

Kathmandu. The former minister of Kazakhstan, who tried to hide the murder of his wife, has been found guilty on the basis of CCTV footage. Former finance minister and businessman Kuandik Bishimbayev, who has been taking many measures to prove his innocence, has been found guilty by the court there based on CCTV footage.

Bishimbayev beat his 31-year-old wife Saltnat Nukenova to death in a restaurant belonging to a relative in the city of Astana in November 2023. Nukenova died because of her husband's beating. His dead body was found in the same restaurant on November 9.

After that, Bishimbayev, the father of four children, was charged with murdering his wife. But Bishimbayev has been saying that he is innocent. In the court, he gave a statement that his wife died due to a head injury when she fell in the toilet after drinking alcohol. But medical tests showed that he did not have a large amount of alcohol in his body.

Nukenova's mother claimed that Bishimbayev killed her daughter by torturing her for eight hours in a VIP booth without CCTV cameras. After this, the police continued to investigate the incident. Although not complete in that sequence, Bishimbayev beat his wife and 12 videos recorded on his mobile phone on the day of the incident were also found.

The CCTV footage was recently shown in court during the arguments regarding his case. In the video, Bishimbayev is seen pulling his hair and punching and kicking his wife. Similarly, in the video recorded on his mobile phone, he can be heard abusing his wife.

After this evidence submitted to the court, Bishimbayev finally admitted that he had beaten his wife in the debate on April 1st and that she had died accidentally. Due to the high profile of Bishiyabayev's case, his debate was broadcast live online for the first time in Kazakhstan.

The live broadcast of the debate played a special role in making domestic violence tougher. Because after that debate, thousands of people demanded severe punishment for domestic violence.

Addressing the demands of the protesters, the Parliament also approved a bill to tighten the law on 11 April. Four days later, President Kasim Jomart Tokayev signed it.

Now, in honor of Nukenova, the said law is also known as 'Saltnat Law'.

On the other hand, Bishimbayev has been sent to prison. Earlier, he was jailed in 2018 in a bribery case. But due to political power, he was released from prison after two years.

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