Agreement between Foodmandu and Isewa, discount up to Rs. 300 paid from Isewa


Agreement between Foodmandu and Isewa, discount up to Rs. 300 paid from Isewa

Nepal’s first and largest online food delivery platform Foodmandu and Nepal’s first and leading mobile wallet Isewa have partnered.

With this understanding between the leading companies in their region, Foodmandu users will be able to make payments through mobile wallet services. An agreement has been reached between Foodmandu and Isewa to provide payment services during a program.

With the agreement, additional benefits will be provided to the users of Isewa and the users of Foodmandu will be able to use the means of additional payment.

Shyamaratna Mali, Brand, Sales and Marketing Manager of the company, said that the availability of Isewa will make it easier for the customers when the interest in online payment is increasing among the orders placed in Foodmandu.

We now have more than 30 percent online payments, and connecting to a large network is expected to increase that.

It will now make it easier for customers to pay for food orders. Customers on Isewa’s extensive network will be able to easily order food from Foodmandu, said Mali, Brand, Sales and Marketing Manager.

The collaboration is expected to support Digital Nepal’s campaign and make it easier for customers. Ashish Prashai, Business Development Head, Isewa, expects the increasing use of digital payments to make it easier for clients to make payments from home.

In the wake of the Corona virus epidemic, people are increasingly paying for various orders from home.

This will support the digital campaign. Taking this opportunity, Foodmandu has announced a discount of 20 percent or up to Rs 300 on the first order to customers who pay through Isewa.



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