Agreement between Himalayan Brokerage and Iseva, easy payment to investors in buying and selling of shares

An agreement has been signed between Himalayan Brokerage (Broker No. 63) and the payment service provider company Iseva. The agreement was made for the settlement of the purchase and sale of shares made by the investors from Himalayan Brokerage (Broker No. 63).


The agreement was signed by Sagar Dhakal, Chairman of Himalayan Brokerage (Broker No. 63) and Chairman of Securities Brokers Association, and Jagdish Khadka, Chief Executive Officer of Iseva.

Sagar Dhakal, president of Himalayan, said that with the agreement, it will be easier for investors to settle the purchase and sale of shares through the platform of the payment service provider Iseva.

“Our aim is to provide services to investors in a simple and easy way,” said Dhakal, “Accordingly, Himalayan Brokerage has entered into an agreement with a large platform related to payment services like Iseva for settlement services.” With this agreement, the investors will be able to settle the shares bought and sold through Himalayan Brokerage through Iseva’s platform.

In order to provide easy service to the investors, Himalayan Brokerage introduced the facility of no lifetime renewal fee when opening a demat account and my shares.

Now the annual renewal fee of my share is 150 rupees. But for the first time in Nepal, Himalayan has brought an offer of no lifetime renewal fee after opening a demat account by paying Rs 999.

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