Agreement between Isewa Money Transfer and Intel Express, more convenient to send money from Europe

Agreement between Isewa Money Transfer and Intel Express, more convenient to send money from Europe

Remittance payment agreement has been signed between Isewa Money Transfer, a rapidly expanding market in the remittance market, and Intel Express, a Georgia-based remittance service provider from Europe.

With the agreement, it has become easier to send remittances to Nepalis in the UK, Greece, Cyprus, Georgia and Italy.

At the same time, remittances sent through Intel Express can be easily received through the network of more than 8,000 agents of Isewa Money Transfer in Nepal and the amount can also be loaded in Isewa Wallet.

Intel Express is a global remittance trading company. Founded in 2006 in Georgia, it is Georgia’s first remittance company, dealing in remittances to more than 50 states, including the EU, the UK, Georgia, Ukraine and other post-Soviet states.

It has offices in Greece, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Georgia. In addition, it has been providing services through various banks and money transfers around the world.

Isewa Money Transfer has been remitting remittances to Isewa wallet users and more than 65 bank accounts through traditional methods and digital means.

Isewa Money Transfer has been providing remittance payment services to its customers through more than 8000 agent networks.

ESEVA Money Transfer, approved by Nepal Rastra Bank in 2019, is also a sister company of FWAN Soft Group, which has been empowering more than one million people and more than one lakh organizations across the country through Fintech-based payment services.


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