All health workers now get a free voice call from Telecom for one month

Nepal Telecom is going to provide health workers offer thanks to all the health workers including doctors, nurses and pharmacists who are working day and night to serve the patients on the frontline regardless of the infection of Covid-19 epidemic.

An agreement in this regard was signed between Nepal Telecom and Nepal Medical Council, Nepal Nursing Council, Nepal Pharmacist Council, Nepal Health Practitioners Council and Nepal Ayurvedic Council on Sunday.

Under this offer, free voice calls will be provided for one month on Nepal Telecom’s postpaid prepaid SIM card in the name used by health workers across the country and health workers will be able to make calls from their mobile numbers within Nepal Telecom’s network at any time.

In case of postpaid mobile, the rental charge applicable as per the rules will remain the same. This offer will be made available after the official letter with the list of health workers and mobile number is made available to Nepal Telecom by the Councils related to Health (Nepal Medical Council, Nepal Nursing Council, Nepal Pharmacist Council, Nepal Health Practitioners Council and Nepal Ayurvedic Council) in their letterhead.

As the offer is available only on the SIM card of the health workers in their own name, the health workers who do not have the company’s SIM card in their name will have to provide the new SIM card to Nepal Telecom by mentioning the name and details of the health worker in the official letter pad of the concerned council or fill the form for new SIM. As per the rules, free SIM can be obtained immediately from the nearest counter of Nepal Telecom.

The new SIM received in this way will include the thank you health worker offer. The duration of this offer, which is provided under the company’s corporate social responsibility, can be extended depending on the Corona epidemic.


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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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