An exhibition of PhonePay India's payment service powered by UPI in Kathmandu

Kathmandu. Indian digital payment and financial services company PhonePe recently showcased its payment services powered by the UPI platform in Kathmandu. In the event, which was attended by major stakeholders of Nepal's financial sector and representatives of the business sector, there was a technology exhibition and discussion regarding international QR payments.

Phonepay Network, the largest payment system operator in Nepal, supported this program. PhonePay Network has partnered with NIPL for Nepal-India international UPI interoperability.

In the panel discussion organized in the same program, the possibilities and impact of UPI in Nepal's digital economy and financial sector were discussed. It is believed that this will have a positive impact on Nepal's tourism sector and facilitate cashless payments

On this occasion Ritesh Pai, Executive Officer of PhonePay India, gave a presentation on the journey of PhonePay and the development of UPI driven payment system. In the presentation, solutions were highlighted that would benefit both Indian tourists and Nepali businessmen.

Just some time ago, PhonePay India and PhonePay Network of Nepal entered into a partnership for Nepal-India international UPI interoperability. It is said that this will benefit both Indian tourists and Nepalese businessmen.

Now, Indian tourists can pay by scanning the QR code from the UPI-based app at PhonePay QR locations in Nepal. It is said that this will facilitate tourism and trade between Nepal and India.

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