Android 12 Beta 1 update coming to Realm GT

Smartphone brand Realmy has announced the launch of ‘Snapdragon 778 5G’ smartphone soon.

Under the flagship ‘RealMGT’, it has been announced to bring Android Beta 1 update soon.

The company has stated that the Realm GT will be the first smartphone to receive the Android 12 Beta 1 version update. Last year, the company’s ‘Realmy X50 Pro’ was the first smartphone to receive an update to the ‘Android 11 Beta 1’ version.

RealMei is collaborating with Google to develop user feedback on RealMUI 2 based on Android 11 Beta 1 version through developers.

The first flagship smartphone of the year 2021, Realm GT, has been built with SDM 888, new generation cooling system, 120 Hz AMOLED display, 65 watt superdart charging and 4500 mAh battery.

The company says that its excellent performance can make the users enjoy Android 12 Beta 1 even more.

Snapdragon 778 G5 Gerami smartphone

Realm is partnering with Qualcomm to bring new technology to its latest product.

RealMe GT was the first smartphone equipped with the public SDM 888 earlier this year. Reamley is working on the upcoming model code name ‘QuickSilver’.

The Snapdragon 778G 5G mobile platform is based on Qualcomm Cryo 670 CPU with 6nm chip. The company believes it will improve performance by 40 percent with excellent energy efficiency.

Its Adreno 642 LGPU graphics rendering speed is 40 percent faster than the previous generation. With the GT mode and new cooling system, Realm will bring the next device to the forefront.


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