Anup, who paid his electricity bill through PhonePay, won an iPhone 13

Phonepay, Nepal’s leading payment system operator, has announced a lucky winner under the scheme ‘If you do phonepay, you will win an iPhone 13 when you pay your electricity bill’.


The plan was implemented last month. This scheme saw the participation of thousands of customers and received positive response from across the country.

In order to show their participation in this scheme, the condition was imposed that the customers should use the phonepay bill payment service on their mobile banking app while paying the electricity bill for the specified period.

iPhone 13 was handed over to the lucky winner of this scheme, Anup Sikarmi, at the office of Nepal Electricity Authority in Kathmandu on 11th July.

Kulman Ghisingh, Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority, handed over the award to the carpenter. Kulman Ghising congratulated the winners and praised the various steps taken by PhonePay to promote electronic payments in Nepal.

‘Various electronic means of payment have made Nepal enter a new era. In recent days, such technologies have been saving everyone’s time and providing many other benefits. I urge all the customers of Nepal Electricity Authority to use electronic payment methods when paying the electricity bill,’ said Ghising.

Diwas Kumar Sapkota, Chief Executive Officer of PhonePe, also promised that the goal of his organization is to introduce all Nepali customers to the electronic payment system by adding various facilities and easing the difficulties of old payment methods.

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